Noorani Qaida

In this course students will be able to read, identify and pronounce the alphabets of the Arabic language, become aware of the basic rules and different symbols used in the Quran and how to connect letters to form words. This online basis Qaida course is not only a must for adults, but is absolutely essential for kids that are beginning their education to learn Quran online.


Course Duration
3 Months
Class Duration
30 Minutes
3 Classes

3 Days Syllabus

Month 1

  • Taooz
  • Tasmia
  • Makhrij no1-4.
  • Makhrij no 5-8.
  • Makhrij no 9-12.
  • Makhrij no 13-17
  • Names of letters according to their makhrij
  • Movement of ( zabar).
  • Movement of ( zair).
  • Movement of ( paish).
  • practice of zaber,zair and paish
  • Mad a at

Month 2

  • Haroof e muqattiat
  • Movement of Tanveen.
  • Rules of alif and ya
  • Rules of waoo and hamza
  • Rules of shad( w).
  • Rule of jazam(>)
  • Rule of noon sakin and noon tanveen( Izhar).
  • Rule of noon sakin and noon tanveen( Iqlab).
  • Practice of Izhar and Iqlab
  • Rule of noon sakin and noon tanveen( Ikhfa)
  • Rule of noon sakin and noon tanveen( Idgham)
  • Practice of Ikhfa and Idgham

Month 3

  • Rule of qalqala
  • Rule of meem sakin( Izhar)
  • Rule of meem sakin( ikhfa)
  • Rule of meem sakin ( Idgham)
  • practice of all rules of meem sakin & Rule of pronunciation of word ALLAH
  • Analysis
5 Day Classes

Monthly Fee For This Course

For 1st Student


For 2nd Student


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