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We have started to provide online Quran education. Initially we are providing classes of Tajweed course for Kids and Ladies. We have qualified experienced female teachers.


Online Courses

Online Quran classes that provide you the opportunity to learn Quran at home with ease.

Trained Teachers

We have qualified and experienced faculty on our panel to teach and train.

Free Resources

Providing a service to download all stuff related to course to learn things easily.


Upon successful completion of a course, we provide course certification.

About Us

We have started to provide Free online Quran education. Initially we are providing classes of TAJWEED course for Kids and Ladies. We have qualified experienced female teachers.

Live Quran Education provides Online Quran Classes to teach the rules of Tajweed to kids and ladies to lead their lives according to the Islamic rules.


  • One to One Live Quran Classes
  • Free Conference Class for all Students
  • We have Qualified Experienced Female Teachers.
  • Essential Islamic Teachings for Ladies and Kids.
  • Noorani Qaida, Islamic Syllabus, Tajweed Rules etc.
  • Courses are especially designed for Students.

Convenient & Affordable

  • Student Centered Teaching Method.
  • On Demand Class Timings.
  • We have Qualified Experienced Female Teachers.
  • Best Student Interaction with Teacher
  • Female Teachers for female students.
  • Convenient Home Learning Program.
  • No registration Fee..

Our Courses

The very basic course to read Holy Quran with proper Tajweed is here. Those students who unable to identify Quranic letters will be taught in such a way that they will be able to learn accurately and quickly.

It is a more effective way to learn Holy Quran at home. Making the Tajweed rules of the Holy Quran easy for you is our piece of job. Join us today! We are waiting to serve you.


Tajweed Program

In this program our tutor will teach the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules. On the completion of...


Noorani Qaida

In this course students will be able to read, identify and pronounce the alphabets of the Arabic lan...

Our Teachers

Alhamdulliah we have 35+ Hafiz e Quran Teachers teaching hundreds of students from all over the world. All of our Quran teachers are qualified and highly trained to teach students from age 4 to any age. We specifically have female teachers for female students.

The teachers can speak Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto. We emphasize our teachers to start their respective classes on time and end them within the assigned time. we monitor our teachers to ensure the quality of teaching sessions.

Free Conference Class

Test us before you can start paying. Anybody who have a Computer and access to the Internet can learn with us.
This program is specially for kids and ladies. We have qualified female teachers so that
female students and kids can interact with teacher efficiently and can learn more.

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What People Say About Us


For all Muslim brothers and sisters in all over the world, The is a blessing. With flexible class timings, interactive teaching methods and competent Quran tutors, I found no inconvenience while enrolling my three children with Everything is up to mark and I am happy that I have made a very good decision.

Abdul Hassan Melua

I have grown up in The US and as a Muslim kid I always felt that I wasn't able to get adequate Islamic knowledge. So as my kids were growing up I was very particular about giving them complete knowledge about Muslim religion. In search of the best resources, I came across LiveQuranEducation registered with them and took the trial classes. I was very happy with their service and way of teaching. Now both my kids are their students. It is definitely one of the best Online Quran reading services available. Keep up the good work!.”

Humaira Sinah

Alhamdullilah, I am sincerely pleased with my learning experience with As a revert adult trying to learn the Qur’an, I have felt intimidated and confused with several other schools, be it locally or online and never getting pass the pronunciation. I have now gained confidence and a new determination in learning Qu'ran.

Do You Want To Learn?

If Yes, then get yourself registered as soon as possible and get an opportunity to increase your islamic knowledge.

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